Mark Chesnutt


Savin' The Honky Tonk

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Mark Chesnutt - Savin' The Honky Tonk
Vivaton Records 2004

Track Listing:

1. Somebody Save the Honky Tonks
2. I'm a Saint
3. The Lord Loves the Drinkin' Man
4. Would These Arms Be in Your Way
5. You Can't Do Me This Way
6. A Hard Secret to Keep
7. What Are We Doing in Love
8. Don't Ruin It for the Rest of Us
9. Mama's House 3:04
10. Since You Ain't Home
11. Think Like a Woman
12. Then We Can All Go Home
13. Beer Bait and Ammo
14. My Best Drinkin'
15. Honky Tonk Heroes